A Mastermind for Women Business Owners

Charlene Burke, Founder

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No matter how long

you’ve owned your business.

Whether or not

you have a business partner.

Whether or not

you have employees.

YOU are the owner.

YOU are the leader.

YOU are the one with the vision.

YOU are the reason the business exists.

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Guest Experts

De’Lona Moultrie is the owner of The Admin Angel an administrative consulting firm specializing in administrative consulting and practice management to Solo Business Owners who want to maximize their profits while minimizing the amount of time they put into their business.

She is a Certified Profit First Professional who will lead the discussion on Budgeting Money, offering insight and guidance to ensure that you will be profitable in your business.

De’Lona “Dee” Moultrie

Founder at Freedom CEO | Mentor | Speaker, The Admin Angel

Lisa Lamont is a business & spiritual psychic consultant, hypnotherapist, author, founder of the women’s entrepreneur group Prancing Kittens, and speaker.  She shares her psychic abilities to bring clarity, comfort, and direction to countless people like you for over 35 years!

She will be leading the discussion on Faith & Belief, providing insight and guidance on how to develop, maintain, and grow the faith & belief you need in yourself in order to succeed.

Lisa Lamont, CHt

Business Psychic Consultant, Hypnotherapist, Speaker, lisalamont.com

Christy Smallwood’s background includes 20+ years in media, marketing, and advertising, plus organizational management with a focus on developing and launching new projects. Christy is a trained executive coach specializing in leadership communication.

She will be leading the discussion on Communication and offer insight and guidance on the many forms of communication and how to be understood while being able to understand others.

Christy Smallwood

Owner, Eagle Eye Executive

What Members Are Saying…

I have participated in two of Charlene’s MasterMind sessions and they have both been extremely helpful for my business and for my confidence.

I would definitely do another MasterMind group if it is offered, as there is always progress to be made and the support and contribution is invaluable.

Elizabeth Gould

Global Reference Services, Seattle, WA

I joined the MasterMind group in search of clarity and direction on next steps when my employment ended abruptly and I was feeling burned out on the work and personal front. I enjoyed the camaraderie and had never experienced accountability in such a supportive atmosphere. As I saw goals redefined and new directions taken by seasoned professionals, I was encouraged to continue my pursuit of becoming an IIP. I was tentative about joining the group, being so new, but at the end could see that working with a mastermind group is a strategy of which every solopreneur should avail themselves during their career.

Roxanne Corbin

As a solopreneur I often feel like I’m all alone.  I appreciated the camaraderie, support and expertise of the MasterMind Group under Charlene’s leadership. MasterMind group members hold me accountable to reach my goals. As a solopreneur, accountability is important to build a sustainable business. This is what you get when you join Charlene’s MasterMind Group.

Ellen Naylor

The BI Source, Denver, Colorado

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” — Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill challenged the notion that faith is only about religious belief. In this principle, he shows us that faith, or lack thereof, defines our destiny. It is what creates the roadmap that our subconscious mind follows. A guest presenter will be showing us how to develop faith and belief in ourselves.



Studies of people who accumulated large fortunes show that every one of them had the habit of reaching decisions promptly and of changing these decisions slowly, if and when they changed them at all. People who have failed to accumulate money, without exception, have the habit of reaching decisions, if at all, very slowly, and of changing these decisions quickly and often. We’ll study this so you can make better decisions for yourself and your business. A guest presenter will lead the discussion.

We’ll study the principle of cooperation and how you can use it to expand your business by forming alliances. In addition, we’ll study collaboration as a win-win principle for you personally and professionally.

Having the proper mindset with regard to money and your time includes managing it well. The world is made up of Doers and Drifters. We’ll identify where we fit in both and where we want to be. A guest presenter will lead a discussion on how to budget money so you have more of it.

Creative Vision requires that you stimulate the imagination and trust yourself to move forward with the vision when you create it. A guest presenter will lead the discussion and offer guidance on how cultivate creative vision.

The foundation for business growth is sales and sales begins with connecting through networking while also creating a community around your vision. A guest presenter will lead the discussion.

We’ll study how to cultivate a Positive Mental Attitude so no adversity or defeat will last longer than needed to learn from it and grow.

Communication in all forms exists for one purpose: to be understood and to understand others. We’ll study what it takes to communicate effectively. A guest presenter will lead the discussion and offer guidance.

What is it, really? We will study it and see how it’s been occurring in our lives and how we can deepen our use of it for future success.

Stepping out into the world as a Leader and how you can achieve even more with what you now know. A guest presenter will lead the discussion.

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What Is Included:

  • 24 virtual meetings

  • Access to meeting recordings

  • Worksheets, checklists, supporting material, tool lists

  • Access to private forum for discussion among members between meetings

As a member of this mastermind group, you will:

  • Design a clear, compelling vision

  • Develop and implement vision-based objectives and goals

  • Establish a sustainable, strategic thinking and planning habit

  • Train your brain to see things vital to the future of your business

  • Design more innovative and effective solutions

  • Connect with solid, successful business women

  • … and more

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